A Family That Cares


We founded Five Acres at Leisure Town North Assisted Living because we experienced caring for our own family member. We've been there. We realized when it came time to reach out to a local assisted living facility for help, it was never exactly as we hoped. It helped fit most needs but not all. We saw the need to build a place that folks could call home without compromise. A place where care for specific needs are tailored to you because a one-size fits all approach doesn't work.

Jim, Breanne, their children James and Kate, and Miles the Labrador have lived, served, and worked in Vacaville since 2013. They continue to establish their roots into this city through their faith and the incredible community around them.  Their commitment to serving and meeting the lifestyle needs of our elderly residents along with their families throughout Solano county and surrounding areas at Five Acres at Leisure Town North is a privilege and they look forward to serving you in your new home.  


About Us

Our Vision

TriniCare Inc. exists to manage and operate faith driven, resident led, safe, and luxurious senior lifestyle facilities; promoting the optimization of practiced dignity and independence, personalized care solutions, and healthy living to ensure residents enjoy the comforts of living in a home they can call their own.

The solution

Our Philosophy

Trinicare Inc. believes that the life and ministry of Jesus Christ gives us the greatest advantage to understanding how to lovingly care for our residents, neighbors, and how we positively impact our communities.

Our organization focuses on and prioritizes the latest research and best practices for elderly assisted living lifestyles and resident engagement practices.  We do this through the promotion of an individualized lifestyle care program with real-time adaptability for caregivers and the residents they serve.

Group Praying Together

The results

Our Perspective of Care

It all begins with a simple question, “How do YOU like to be cared for”?

Our care solution takes a holistic approach to understanding all the elements that drive quality of life and wellness, and how to work with our residents in creating a personalized care program around the factors that define us.

Care can not be a one size fits all approach, rather it must be tailored to the individual based on their needs and wants.  Dignity and individuality are nurtured through this approach and our residents love that they are in control at all times with a care staff dedicated to delivering the exact support they have requested.


Residents Come First!

All TriniCare Inc. staff are trained professionals for managing multiple levels of care and delivering excellence in hospitality, but our residents are given the ultimate voice for how they like to be cared for and how each facility is managed.  We stand by the belief of “we work where you live” which elevates our residents to being included as decision makers for matters regarding day-to-day operations of the facility.  Dignity and independence are at the forefront of community decisions and living in an environment that celebrates these values make for a successful path whereby residents can thrive and love where they live.

Our residents truly have their opinions heard regarding how each facility operates.  Resident councils are established at every facility and we believe in giving our full attention to the most powerful voices of change which lies in our residents.  Voting rights extend to every resident, and all areas of the community are explored such as: entertainment, activities, future projects, technologies, and systems to develop a thriving culture in the community.  We believe in a purpose driven life and all our residents love the opportunity to contribute to the vision and connection we have in our communities, our local cities, and our churches.

Residents Come First